Dec 27, 2021 • 37M

#21 What's the 2022 climate story?

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Denise Young
New Climate Capitalism is a podcast about change-makers working at the intersection of activism, finance and investment.
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Alice Bell, author of “Our Biggest Experiment”; Alina Siegfried, author of “A Future Untold”

So, we made it to the end of 2021. That was definitely an achievement.

But what will our 2022 story be?

Today I’m talking with two brilliant authors about the new stories that are bubbling up on climate change in 2022.

And how each of us has a choice to invest in a certain storyline, one that designs a shared future that is all about love, about care, about human agency.

Alice Bell’s “Our Biggest Experiment”, tells the incredible story of the history of climate change, and traces the journey of where we came from, while Alina Siegfried’s “A Future Untold”, digs into some of the shifting myths that could shape the way the 2020s unfold.

We talked about COP26, and which stories are likely to bubble up in its aftermath, things like “polluter elite”. Spoiler alert here - its not just the super rich, but its people like you and me.

On whether the 2020 window for disruptive change might be closing.

We find out that the term “tree hugger” comes from 18th century India and some courageous women who gave their lives to save their trees.

But above all, the message that shines through loud and clear is that change is coming, and we all have a choice to choose the story that we tell ourselves about how that change unfolds.

So wherever you are, however hard it was to get there in these final days of an epic year, let’s take a moment to make that choice and make it a beautiful one.