Summer update

Newsletter #16

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I am off until the end of August, this newsletter will go back to its normal schedule in September.

But I do want to mention the latest release of the IPCC’s report on the physical science. Its the first of three reports coming out as part of the Sixth Assessment. The last physical science synthesis came out in 2013. There was a dramatic press conference held in a beer cellar with scientists and delegates bleary-eyed from an all-night approval session. This year’s virtual launch was crisp and efficient. It reflects where we’re at in the science, but also where we’re at in terms of how the public accepts and understands what the science is saying. You can catch the press conference here. It’s excellent. Fast forward 30 m to go direct to the co-chairs presenting the science.

For a very short summary of what matters, these 2 tweets from UK climate scientist Piers Forster cover the bad and the good news in equal parts. It’s definitely not 100% gloom and doom.

There’s also an excellent 25-part haiku in a Twitter thread from New Zealand scientist Andy Reisinger.

From and beyond the podcast

In case you missed the latest podcast episode, I talked to Nadine Strauss and Peter McKillop about how the media covers ESG, and whose job it should be to call out greenwash. You can catch up here.

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Keep well and see you all in September.