Feb 7, 2021 • 41M

#14 Is the future of wealth social and cultural?

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Denise Young
New Climate Capitalism is a podcast about change-makers working at the intersection of activism, finance and investment.
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Welcome to Episode 14 of New Climate Capitalism.

Today I’m talking with Siddarth Shtalekar, who's the founder of Sacred Capital, a Singapore-based company that's building reputational currencies on distributed ledgers.

If you're thinking “that sounds a bit abstract”, in essence this is an invitation to think way past business as usual to a new idea of currency and wealth.

And the timing couldn't be more perfect. The pandemic has forced us to deeply question the value of everything, and to re-assess things like the relationship between money and identity.

Sid has an unusual personal story which is something of a metaphor for the economic future he's trying to build.

Before the financial crisis of 2008 he was the head of one of South Asia's largest trading floors. He then spent four years in a Gandhian ashram exploring new paradigms for economics.

So if you're interested in how to expand the definition of wealth to include capital that's social, cultural and intellectual, I guarantee that you will enjoy this conversation.