Episode #7. Green bonds: hype or key to greening the future?


Welcome to episode 7 of New Climate Capitalism, and today I talk with Denise Odaro from the International Finance Corporation about green bonds.

Green bonds took a back seat to social bonds during the first wave of the pandemic. But they're back in the headlines with a couple of big issues recently from Google and the German government.

If you've ever wondered what’s a green bond and why does it matter? Then this episode is for you.

The green bond market has grown super fast in the past decade. Yet it still only represents 2% of the entire bond market.

So the big question is whether the green bond market will continue to be a niche that finances the greenest bits of the economy, or whether it can go mainstream and allow the entire bond market to align itself with an economic transition that keeps us under 2C of warming.

Denise and I talked about where the green bond came from, what makes a bond green, and what is the future of the green bond market. This episodes also features a special appearance by my cat.