Jan 4, 2021 • 40M

S2 Ep 1: Just Transition: Use and misuse of language by the climate elite

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New Climate Capitalism is a podcast about change-makers working at the intersection of activism, finance and investment.
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Welcome to Season 2 of New Climate Capitalism!

Today’s episode looks at the Just Transition and the climate elite.

I talked to Edouard Morena, a Paris-based researcher who studies the social and justice dimensions of climate action, as well as climate philanthropy.

You may have heard the term Just Transition which has become very popular ever since the 2018 Yellow Vest movement in France. Edouard warns that this term has become distanced from its original meaning, and is increasingly being used in a tokenistic way.

But beyond that is much a bigger story about the widening gap between people and climate policy. About the missed opportunities from proliferating citizens assemblies. About a proactive far-right that is muscling in with new environmental narratives to get votes. 

So what’s going on, and what should we be worried about? 

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation, which I guarantee will give you some new insights into the importance of language and narrative in the international climate policy space.