#13 The hardest of hard problems: modern slavery in the supply chain


Welcome to episode 13 of New Climate Capitalism.

Our topic today is modern slavery in the supply chain.

This is one of those big, disturbing issues that affects all of us. Each time we buy a bar of chocolate, an iPhone, an item of clothing, it is likely that someone, somewhere, a fellow human being, will have been subjected, often against their will, to abject working conditions to produce that item.

How should we define modern slavery? What are its root causes? And what can companies and consumers do to fight it?

To find out, I spoke to Michael Rogerson, who is a researcher at the University of Bath specialised in modern slavery. Coming from an accounting background, he has a unique and compelling perspective on this topic which is usually the preserve of activist NGOs.

If you're working on the "S" of ESG, you should be following this very closely. And if you consider yourself an ethical consumer, or if you're worried and would like to do better, do not miss this episode.