#25 Why we need indigenous expertise for the water crisis Listen now (40 min) | The summer of 2022 may go down in history as the moment the world woke up to the global water crisis. So I’m thrilled to introduce today’s conversation with Nigel Crawhall, who heads up the local and indigenous knowledge division at UNESCO. What I wanted to…
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#24 The IPCC Big Edit: finance, net zero, and the human factor Listen now (69 min) | This is a special edition of the podcast, the Big IPCC edit. IPCC reports are notoriously hard to read - they are long and very…
#23 Mining in the energy transition: fact, fiction and misinformation Listen now (59 min) |
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#22 Behind the scenes of the mega-report on adaptationListen now (45 min) | Edwin Castellanos & Joern Birkmann; IPCC AR6 WG2 Coordinating Lead Authors The latest IPCC report on adaptation is out, and it…
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