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#25 Why we need indigenous expertise for the water crisis Listen now (40 min) | The summer of 2022 may go down in history as the moment the world woke up to the global water crisis. So I’m thrilled to introduce…
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#24 The IPCC Big Edit: finance, net zero, and the human factor Listen now (69 min) | This is a special edition of the podcast, the Big IPCC edit. IPCC reports are notoriously hard to read - they are long and very…
#23 Mining in the energy transition: fact, fiction and misinformation Listen now (59 min) |
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#22 Behind the scenes of the mega-report on adaptationListen now (45 min) | Edwin Castellanos & Joern Birkmann; IPCC AR6 WG2 Coordinating Lead Authors The latest IPCC report on adaptation is out, and it…
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